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Here at PIPER TATE, we’re committed to being as eco-conscious as possible. We realize that in running a business, we have a myriad of choices of how to run our business. When Bill and I were first creating PIPER TATE, we attended the Green Festival (greenfestivals.org) in San Francisco and were exhilarated with the possibility and reality that PIPER TATE can be an eco-friendly business from top to bottom. We choose to make greener, smarter choices every day.

  • • We began by choosing a socially conscious and green Merchant Service (dharmams.com) through whom we donate 10% of our profits to our charitable non-profits of choice; divabetic.org and freethechildren.com.

  • • Our web hosting company, HostGator, uses renewable energy to both power and cool their servers and has invested in Green –e certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). HostGator is 100% windpowered.

  • • Our family regularly shops at our local farmers markets, especially the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco. Not only are we sourcing new vendors for our body care ingredients (lavender and honey), we’re also supporting local artisans, farmers and independently owned and operated food businesses. This is where it all begins.

  • • We’re passionate about using local, sustainable and organic ingredients in our body care.

  • • Our products are free of harsh chemicals, mineral oil, sulfates and parabens. We believe in transparency so that our customers know what they are using on their bodies. Our goal is that new mothers are comfortable massaging their little ones with our babytate body lotion. We list each product’s overall percentage of ingredients, both natural as well as organic.

  • • By recycling and composting at our workplace, we’re making responsible choices. Our packing material comes from shredded magazines/catalogs. We also reuse all of our boxes when we ship to you.

Farmfreshtoyou.com enables our family to eat organic produce delivered fresh from a Northern California farm. We were sold when our two kids both asked for seconds of salad.

  • • Search for farmer’s markets, family owned farms and other sources of locally grown produce by entering your zip code at eatwellguide.org. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint of your diet by using less fuel for transport.

  • • Take a canvas bag to the supermarket.

  • • Eat dinner at a restaurant that serves organic, locally grown food. Go to gengreenlife.com for a list of these restaurants and markets in your area. One acre of organic crop soil pulls up to 7,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.

  • • For a start, pick one errand a week that you can do without a car.

  • • My daughter and I love to shop vintage. By shopping pre-owned fashion, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions by saving energy on new manufacturing. Check out ebay’s latest eco-fabulous marketplace at worldofgood.com.

  • • Through heifer.org you can purchase livestock for families in need around the world. The children’s book “Beatrice’s Goat” is a true account of how a girl’s life is forever changed by receiving a goat from the Heifer Project International.

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Valerie Rice
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